Hand crafted by Karl Eckert
Hand crafted by Karl Eckert

"Even with a growing collection of guitars, my main axe is always my "les Eckert". It's a superbly built work of art and sounds amazing, no other guitar I have owned sustains the same. Karl is my go to guy with repairs, setups, questions and ideas with anything guitar related. Friendly and informative with a real eye for detail, I simply wouldn't trust anyone else with them."
- Chris Collins

"Just want to say thanks Karl for making me the perfect guitar. I'm so pleased to be the owner of two bespoke guitars made by you. Thought I'd send you a pic of me using one at a gig... it's perfect and worth every penny. Also thanks for all the work you have done on all my acoustics, from set ups right through to the new neck you crafted for my Washburn festival EA20-s. You're a true craftsman and luthier. Cheers."
- Alan (Boo) Sells

Boo and Adam playing in Optimist. The bass Adam has is also an Eckert.

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69 Silver End Road

Haynes Bedford

MK45 3PS

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